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Classic Computer Information

Eventually, this section will be filled with little notes and website links that DigitalDinos has collected and discovered while assembling DigitalDinos' proprietor's classic computer collection.

Right now, it's hosting a few interesting links and the Tandy 600 FAQ!  (Surprisingly, it's quite a hit monster. :)

Other Sites and Vendors of Classic Computing and Gaming

All of these links will open in new browser windows.  If you have that capability turned off, you'll have to get there some other way.  ;)

  8 Bit Micro
  8 Bit Peoples - 8 bit video game music mixed with trance and electronica.
  A2Central - Your total source for Apple II computing.
  Apple Disk Transfer ProDOS (a.k.a. ADTPro) - A program that allows you to transfer diskettes and disk images between Apple II-era computers and the modern world.  (Also works on the Apple III.)
  Atari Computer Enthusiasts of Columbus Ohio Swap Meet
  Atari Archives
  Game Gavel - Video Game Auctions  (Formerly "Chase the Chuckwagon")
  Classic Console & Arcade Gaming Show - An annual show in Cleveland, Ohio.  It rocks!  :)
  Chris Radek's Historical IBM AT Stuff
  Classic Computer Mailing List - A resource for enthusiasts of classic computer hardware, software, and documentation.
  Collectors Weekly - A link to their Vintage Computer section.
  Columbus Ohio Retro Gaming Society
  Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club  - Hosting the C4 Expo for Commodore computers.
  Juiced.GS - A quarterly Apple II journal.
  Legacy Computers and Parts
  Low End Mac
  Obsolete Technology Website
  retrosoftware - "Purveyors of fine (old) software", family owned and operated since 1998.
  Tandy Color Computer SuperSite
  The Vintage Computer - Home of the Vintage Computer and Gaming Marketplace, Vintage Computer Wiki, and Vintage Computer Forums.
  Tomorrows Heroes
  TooManyGames - Classic video gaming convention in PA.
  Video Game Music Archive
  What is the Apple IIgs - Dedicated to the preservation of the Apple IIGS.



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